Go tell of The Telling!.. #DoncasterIsGreat

This is a slightly altered version of our tempter poster for those who would like to help spread the word…

Click here to download a PDF of the poster.


5 thoughts on “Go tell of The Telling!.. #DoncasterIsGreat

  1. Warren,
    Just to say, it’s only possible to leave a message on the facebook page if you’re already invited via facebook (or possibly part of the Doncapolitan network on FB?) — I checked while logged in because I want to circulate info via facebook and don’t want to duplicate unnecessarily. I may just direct people to here if they want to reserve tickets.

    • Thanks Iona, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to Facebook… my better half uses my account to play games 😉
      I’ll put a post up on this blog in the next couple of days regarding reserving tickets and train times from Sheffield.

  2. Also, and this is probably more for Rachel, Tim may be described as Master of Words, but Ph*r*ase Arts is something distinct (under Abi’s remit). (FB has: Master of words and Phases Arts in Sheffield.) Think that’s it for feedback but if I’m mistaken, I’ll email directly!

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