THANK YOU ALL!.. We told you #DoncasterIsGreat

What a wonderful night! 😀

A big thank you to all you Tellers, Foxes, Pixies and crew… and big hugs to a beautiful audience. Thank you too to the DCDT for letting us use the space… and what a space it is!.. Let’s make a promise to keep making good use of it, it’s a real asset to the town.

We’ll be posting a full overview of the night and giving details of how YOU can get involved with February’s The Telling just as soon as we wake up properly… probably in about 3 or 4 days time by the feel of things this morning. (If you have any photos of the night we can use for the blog could you please leave a comment below or email warrendraper[at]gmail[dot]com.)

In the meantime here’s a little something from one of last night’s acts. “Ladies and gentlemen, we give you A Ramshackle Affair“…


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