#TheTelling – A Quick Recap

We’re still working on an overview of the night (keep those photos coming in!), but in the meantime here’s a quick recap of the events which led to The Telling…

Once upon a time there was a grand old building which the modern era had all but turned its back upon. And at the heart of that building was a rubble festooned courtyard…

Luckily for Church View, for that was the building’s name (I wonder if you can guess why?), a kindly Trust recognised that true beauty wasn’t confined to the new and sparkling…

And they saved the building from the sorry fate which had already befallen so many of Doncaster’s other gems…

Curse you Lazurus, oh most wretched of wretches!

One day a world renowned artist just happened to be passing by…

And he saw the image that was waiting for him in the wall. And by hook and by crook… and ladder and rope and some scary moments on the roof…

He slowly drew forth a masterpiece…

And the stage for part one of The Telling was finally set (after a lot of rubble shifting, sweeping and raking of course… thanks to everyone who helped with that!)

There is another version of the story which says that Warren Draper, Rachel Horne, Phlegm, Abi Nielsen, Tim Ralphs, Iona Hine, Mr Fox (be they ever so many), Ian Walker, Joie Rachel Carruthers, Tim Lee, Violet Cannon Jnr, the Pixies, A Ramshackle Affair, Beast, Ria Doyle, Micheal Price, the Doncaster Central Development Trust, Fringe Arts, Phase Arts, Dark Mountain and the stewards (be they ever so sexy) collectively brought you a night of wonderment. And many thanks to them all for doing so!


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