Get involved with #TheTelling Pt 2 – #DoncasterIsGreat

Part two of The Telling is scheduled for the first week in February. This time it will be a weekend long event with more music, feasting, storytelling and performance and with added practical workshops. As with the first even this is a collectively produced, grass-roots event which you can help to create. So if you like the look of this…

…and would like to help weave some wonders for the next event then get yourself to Church View (the old art college near the minster) at 6pm on Monday 26th November. We’ll be introducing the theme of the next The Telling, having a chat, sharing ideas, slurping some tea and then it’s probably off to the pub 😉

Click here to download and share a PDF of our planning meeting poster.


One thought on “Get involved with #TheTelling Pt 2 – #DoncasterIsGreat

  1. Hi Warren I got a great kick out of your Telling. The pix themselves tell a story to warm the heart.

    You say that you are ‘looking into ways to recompense more people for their time and material costs for Part 2.
    I expect you have already looked into crowdfunding, but anyway here is a take that might be helpful; the more i look at the concept as an an alternative to conventional avenues, the more adaptable it becomes, and the more expansive the benefits.
    The main being that it should help to shrink the usual ‘performance-audience’ perception of an event and transform everyone into a grass roots collaborator, contributing ‘ticket’ money UP FRONT for the infastructure, plus there is the potential for funding from people who like the idea but, for whatever reason can’t be there personally.

    Apart from being a ticket office, the page itself makes for a perfect advertising base with a creative video, that is a telling in itself, giving a good taste of what to expect and should pique curiosity and help to pull in people on all levels of participation.

    In fact a short video of a ‘making of a telling’ including some footage of the event could then be a part of the the ‘kit’ Tom was suggesting and could be downloaded as a ‘reward’ for a particular level of funding. e.g those who are too far afield to attend but are interested in making their own telling. Other incentives could include a downloadable make your own mask tutorial so people come fully equipped with their alter ego and thus more inclined to boogie. etc

    So on and so on. Like surface ripples from a plunked stone. A nice cosy pebble in a puddle or as big of a rock as your fancy will fling.

    Whatever the projected costs, they are included in the target. (i gather the ukelele orchestra film man managed forty thousand dollars; serious, and somewhat scary, money. -BEWARE -Too much money can be a curse of a spanner in the works. I well remember the very first Glastonbury Pyramid built by amateurs running on donated funds, spaced out idealism, hard work and seemingly, miracles, but I hear it has changed character somewhat over the years.)

    I got a lot out of this article:

    With my own project i find i am constantly steering away from the conventional, trying to keep it well within the experimental, alternative, edgy sphere and considering what a wet blanket of a fire quencher ‘financing’ can be i am getting very friendly towards using the crowd funding concept myself.

    All power to you Warren. Part 1 came across as real clean fun, a welcome glimmer in a very dark world that is all too easy to take for granted. A spin off into hands on practical workshops is a great way to go., masks again….Once the imagination is loosened up and the inhibitions are down it is good to have something to DO.

    I hope this is helpful…..
    Best wishes from Greece where the collapse has come well and truly out of the cupboard, but the light is still to die for.

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