#TheTelling – What You Told Us – #DoncasterIsGreat

On the table at the entrance to The Telling was a large piece of paper where people could leave feedback on their way out. There were some great – mostly positive – comments, including things like “I forgot I was in the centre of Donny for a while!”; which is really heartwarming because one of our objectives was to create a space with a feeling of otherness where the imagination was aloud to roam free… job done! 😉

The ‘negative’ (for want of a better word) comments were constructive and will be of definite help during Monday’s open planning meeting (I hope all those who left a comment are able to attend). We shared the concerns about waste and recycling and will be suggesting that people BYO glasses/tankards next time. The lantern concerns were more worrying, while the lanterns we used were bamboo rather than wire and the time of year made secondary fires far less likely there are always going to be problems with control – or lack thereof (one to bear in mind for the next event). One comment quite rightly mentions publicity; this was a weak point which needs addressing; we did send detailed press releases to all local papers and radio stations, but the only mention I saw was a couple of lines in the Free Press. We have photos of the first event to show people next time, so hopefully the press will be more interested; and if you enjoyed The Telling then let people know… Tweets helped with the first event. There was also talk of more ‘structure’, as a grassroots, DIY event that depends mostly on the people who get involved… SO GET INVOLVED! 😀

Thank you once again for all your great comments! 🙂


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