FREE OPEN WORKSHOPS at #TheTelling Saturday 2/2/13 #DoncasterIsGreat

the telling WORKSHOPS (small)

There will be a number of free Open Workshops during part 2 of The Telling. There’s a wide range of themes, but the main focus is on localism, maker culture, craftsmanship, DIY, permaculture, arts, artisans and the gift economy. One of the best introductions to the themes we intend to cover is Mark Boyle‘s ‘The Moneyless Manifesto‘; which is available for free online… but we recommend buying a copy to keep with you at all times!

So far the workshops include:

  • Sewing For Dummies (BRING YOUR OLD SOCKS!) – a drop-in make-do-and-mend workshop with Abi Nielsen & Ria Doyle: no sewing experience necessary, bring any clothes you want to mend or alter, or just come and learn a new skill. Suitable for all
    ages, but children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Open Music-Making (BRING AN INSTRUMENT!) – with Jonathan Penney: learn an instrument or share your own skills with others in an Open Music Making jamming session. Suitable for all ages.
  • Metal Forging Demonstration – with Barney Harris of the Regather Co-operative: we’ll have a forge next to the fire-pit with ongoing metal casting demonstrations… might also be a good place to keep warm on a February afternoon. Suitable for all ages, but younger children must be supervised when near the forge area.
  • Storytelling and Shadow-Puppets – with Shonaleigh: learn to tell stories and/or hone your existing storytelling skills. Adult orientated, but still suitable for younger people – parental discretion is advised.
  • Singing Workshop – with Jon Boden: sweeten your voice and help develop a shared repertoire which blurs the lines between performer and audience, turning a song into a convivial experience. Suitable for all ages.
  • Drumming Workshop – in the Cosmic Yurt! Suitable for all ages.
  • Peacemaking in the 21st Century – talk and informal discussion led by
    Simon Heywood of the Peace Tax Seven. Suitable for all ages.
  • Bread-making – with Ben Pritchard. Suitable for all ages.
  • An Introduction to Permculture – with John Briggs: permaculture is about much more than simply growing your own food, it is a design system (and way of life) which can improve your physical and mental well-being while helping create a better environment for everyone else.
  • RoSY2.0 (Republic of South Yorkshire 2.0) – with Warren Draper: an open and informal brainstorming session which asks what would South Yorkshire look like if it were consciously designed by makers, hackers, permaculturalists, philosophers, artists and artisans.
  • GIFTING: an ongoing event to celebrate the emerging gift economy: bring a thoughtful (non-plastic and preferably non-mass-produced) present and give it to somebody random. Suitable for all ages.

More details to follow… in the meantime click here for a PDF of our WORKSHOPS poster. 🙂


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