Fire & Heat Wanted for #TheTelling – #Telling2 #DoncasterIsGreat

A big thank you to Iona, Chris, Mick and John for their donations of wood and other combustibles! 🙂

We’ve been advised that the braziers we used for part one are on their last legs, so if anyone has any old braziers, oil drums, metal dustbins, etc., that they’re not using please let us know. Ideally it should be something a little like this…


We’re also on the look-out for heaters of any description for the pop-up cinema. It’s taking place in a lovely atmospheric basement room which will be absolutely beautiful lit by the flickering light of the moving image… unfortunately the part of Church View we’re using hasn’t been heated for some time and it would be great if anyone can help take the chill-off 🙂 The Telling is a 100% grass-roots DIY affair which owes its existence to the gift economy, so we’re unable to offer monetary payment for the loan of your equipment, but you’ll get a free ticket and a big hug from a cast member of your choice 😉



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