What to bring to part 2 of #TheTelling #DoncasterIsGreat #Telling2


Part 2 of The Telling is nearly here, so we thought it would be good to provide a list of things you might like to bring with you…

FRIDAY: The Free Film night begins at 6pm and takes place in an old basement area of Church View. We going to be busy this week making sure the place is as comfortable as possible, but it is winter and it will be cold. So bring warm clothes, flasks of warm drinks (to share obviously) and hot water bottles. Also if you have any interesting short films you’d like to share you can bring them on DVD or memory stick and Kala & Cal will decide if they’re suitable to show over the weekend.

SATURDAY: Needless to say warm clothing is recommended again. We’ll have some old gloves available for the make-do-and-mend workshop which you can mend and keep πŸ™‚ If you have any gloves or other warm clothing in need of a little TLC feel free to bring them too. They’ll also be an Open Music Workshop, so bring an instrument if you have one. In the interests of the environment you might like to bring your own mug. And in the interests of the Gift Economy you might like to bring something to give or share with everyone else (non-plastic and preferable home made… perhaps even a song or a story).

SUNDAY: Warm clothes (again) and big hugs to say goodbye to the friends you’ve made… and it might be an idea to dress down so you can help tidy up. πŸ˜‰


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