A taste of #TheTelling


It takes a few days to get enough pictures and thoughts together to write a full overview (and a few more days for us to all land back on planet earth!), but here are a few images from the weekend courtesy of Abi Nielsen, Rachel Horne and John Fuller…

The pop-up cinema (RH)…

pop-up cinema

Entertainment for humans and other beasts (JF)….


Make-Do-And-Mend/Sewing For Dummies workshop (AN)…


Bread-making workshop (AN)…


Mr Fox (JF)…


Fire-lit Phlegm art (JF)…


Tim Ralphs (JF)…


And, of course, Jon Boden of Bellowhead (JF &AN)…




More shots from John Fuller can be found here and there are more like this to come…



2 thoughts on “A taste of #TheTelling

  1. Ah, looks marvellous, as we knew it would. Well done, you all. I wonder where it’ll seed next – have you put together a ‘How To Grow A Telling’ kit yet? With love from blusterous Dartmoor.

    • Funny you should mention a ‘How To Grow A Telling’ kit, there’s actually talk of a Telling in Sheffield in April!.. Personally I think we should aim for a fleet of those Bedford RLs and take it around the world 😀

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