Reciprocity, Gifting & Making Shit Happen – Another Post About #TheTelling

Sheffield City Giants

Sheffield City Giants dancing at The Telling.

There’s another lovely post about part two of The Telling over at Jean McEwan‘s Reciprocity‘ blog.

As with Abi Nielsen and Allegra Hawksmoor before her, Jean has captured something of The Telling that I (Warren) have often struggled to articulate myself. It’s interesting that Jean makes reference to the Gift Economy, because without this The Telling simply would not exist (there are plans afoot to extend this concept in the following months, both artistically to a summer event, and practically as a parachute to a moneyless economy). Jean describes The Telling as my brainchild, but it is a child which has been reared by whole tribe… I’ll include an extended ‘thank you’ list when I write the full overview, but from the outset that tribe has included incredibly talented people like Rachel Horne, Abi Nielsen, Jon Nielsen, Sarah Eykyn, Iona Hine, Tim Ralphs, Joie Rachel Carruthers, Tim Lee and Ian Walker (to name just a few of the people who helped shape both events). The Telling relies completely on the understanding that we (tellers and listeners alike) have come together equally, unconditionally and wholeheartedly to make shit happen. 😉


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