The Travelling: #TheTelling Takes to the Road. #SheffieldIsGreat


The Telling has gone viral!..

Or rather the Doncaster event has sparked off plans for a Sheffield The Telling in April (and there’s talk of possible London, Norwich, Newcastle and Wales ‘Tellings’ in the future too). As with the Doncaster event this will be a 100% grass-roots, DIY, gift economy event which is open to anyone who wants to get involved (this post by the very wonderful Abi Nielsen will give you an idea of exactly what that involvement means).

To help plan for the event we’ve created a thread on The Telling‘s group page over on The Dark Mountain Project‘s Uncivilisation ning. If you’d like to be involved with creating the Sheffield event in any way (as a designer, artist, performer, storyteller, chef, steward, poet, musician, workshop host, etc, etc, etc…) then please join the ning or leave a comment below… 🙂


Photography by John Fuller


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