A Gift for #TheGifting from @AbiNielsen : #WeLoveDN #DoncasterIsGreat

“My gift for The Gifting is a prod. A prod for people to raise their heads from whatever grindstone they’re on and ask themselves one question: What do I *really* want? And answer it. Write it on the banner, set it down in ink, make it real. You might really want a pizza, or a Rovers win, or a car that doesn’t break down all the time. You might. But what do you REALLY want? Look deeper. Do you want the courage to quit your rubbish job, to step in from the storm, or to bring down the system? Don’t let your dreams stagnate inside your head. Let them out, write them down for you and all to see. Then go get them.”

~ Abi Nielsen


Abi’s embroidered banner will be hung at The Gifting on Saturday (23rd November, 6-10pm at Church View) and you are invited to add your own desires to (in words, pictures or objet d’art…) it as the evening goes on.


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