The Gift of Creation – #TheGifting #DoncasterIsGreat #WeLoveDN

The Gifting runs from 6pm until 10pm tomorrow at Church View, but we’ll be preparing the space from 12pm onward. If you’re feeling creative then you might like to come along and help us get the site ready for the evening?.. consider it a gift! 😉

If you fancy it, pop down to Church View (the old art college behind the Minster, opposite Tesco car park) anytime from 12pm onward. When you arrive go through the large gates and head through the tunnel into the main courtyard where you should see some busy bodies. Ask for Warren and get stuck in 🙂 There’s the gift of a cuppa (and maybe even a hemp burger) for anyone who helps out.

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A Gift for #TheGifting from @AbiNielsen : #WeLoveDN #DoncasterIsGreat

“My gift for The Gifting is a prod. A prod for people to raise their heads from whatever grindstone they’re on and ask themselves one question: What do I *really* want? And answer it. Write it on the banner, set it down in ink, make it real. You might really want a pizza, or a Rovers win, or a car that doesn’t break down all the time. You might. But what do you REALLY want? Look deeper. Do you want the courage to quit your rubbish job, to step in from the storm, or to bring down the system? Don’t let your dreams stagnate inside your head. Let them out, write them down for you and all to see. Then go get them.”

~ Abi Nielsen


Abi’s embroidered banner will be hung at The Gifting on Saturday (23rd November, 6-10pm at Church View) and you are invited to add your own desires to (in words, pictures or objet d’art…) it as the evening goes on.

Countdown to The Gifting #WeLoveDN #DoncasterIsGreat

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There’s less than a week to go until The Gifting – 6pm~10pm, Saturday 23rd November, at Church View – and although it’s a DIY festival celebrating the Gift Economy, we thought we’d better give you a bit of a taster regarding some of the people who have confirmed they’re involvement so you know what to expect…

Once again the mysterious Jack the Stag will be making an appearance and ‘gifting’ us his wonderful parachute stage for the evening…


As well as the parachute stage the Naughty Little Pixies will be bringing two yurts (filled with the gifts of love, peace and anarchy) which will create two more performance spaces; one typically Pixie and the other a child friendly creative space.

There will, of course, be another blazing fire… expertly lit (with pyros!..) by representatives from the wonderful Mr Fox.


And there will be more vegan foodie treats from the uber-talented Joie Rachel Carruthers and the visionary Allegra Hawksmoor… but don’t let this stop you gifting food of your own 😉


Music will take many forms including performances from The Last Politician himself, Mr Ian Walker, and an exciting new musical project from Rachel Horne & Jon Kelly.

Once again Tim Lee will be burning the banks (or his bank statements at least)…


And there will be visual art pieces including giant interactive tapestries from Abi Nielsen and I (Warren Draper) will be inviting people to create an artwork from some of my old posters and wheaties… if you don’t know what a wheatie is then you’ll just have to come along and find out! 😉

We’ll be mentioning more of the confirmed acts in the coming week, but always remember that the most important thing with The Gifting is what YOU are going to bring/gift to the event.

If you’re a Telling newbie then these links will give you an idea about what’s in store…

Part 1…

The Spirit of The Gift… Let’s Prove that #DoncasterIsGreat for the #GiftEconomy

I’ve been trying (and failing… hence the lack of posts recently) to write something about why a celebration of the Gift Economy is so important in our debt-driven, everything-with-a-price-tag, consumer society. Then I came across this video which says pretty much everything which needs to be said…

Everything which is truly necessary for life to succeed (indeed your very life itself) is a gift from the universe you now inhabit. Food, shelter, warmth, love, companionship and good times where all here long before the bankers, politicians, dictators and multi-billionaires 😉

Warren Draper


Carrying the Fire 2013

In association with The Dark Mountain Project and Wiston Lodge

14th-16th June

at Wiston Lodge near Biggar, South Lanarkshire.

An intimate festival of ideas, poetry, music, and performance. Exploring the connections between the arts, ecology and cultural resilience.

With talks/performances from:

Jay Griffiths, Author of ‘Wild’ and ‘Kith’

Sara Maitland, author of ‘Gossip from the Forest’

Chris Fremantle, EcoArt Scotland


Mairi Campbell & Em Strang

Dark Mountain “feels like the beginning of the story of the world. Not a world shaped by politicians or by global corporations, but by storytellers and singers who make us feel at home on the earth.”Charlotte Du Cann, The Independent    

For further information go to:

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